Knitting woes

It happened again: my hands and arms got worse and I had to stop knitting. After several weeks of physical therapy it’s clear that I won’t be able to resume knitting any time soon, and when I do it will have to be for very short intervals. I’ve

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been bummed, of course, and that’s part of why you haven’t seen any posts in two months. To make up for the loss of knitting, I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen. Cooking and baking is not great for my hands but at least the movements involved are less repetitive than in knitting and it’s easier to be careful. These past two months I’ve been trying lots of new recipes and our dinners have been more experimentatal. Some things have come out well, others have been complete disasters. No pictures of food because our kitchen is very dark and, between that and artificial light, my food photos are nothing to brag about. But I leave you with tonight’s main feature: Kelvin jumping on Ben’s shoulders at the end of dinner. This may turn out to be a good-bye post,

and I know some of you are still fans of Kelvin. :)