House of Gray

gray hat

Pretty much a life size swatch

Frantic knitting over the past three days after I hit on a stitch/yarn/color combo I like and decided to knit a hat and scarf based on it. The hat did not come out the way I wanted from the shaping and size point of view, so this amounts to a giant swatch. The main problem is that I have no idea about how to decrease and I sort of improvised as I went. Now I have to figure out the math of decreasing and, even harder, see if I can decrease in pattern. Then I’ll have to knit another hat and find a name for the pattern. This naming thing is starting to stress me.

On a happier note, on Friday I met with Lydia, a fellow blogger from Seattle that I’ve known off an on since the days of my old blog. Meeting in person was a lot of fun and I hope to see her again when I travel up north in a couple of months.

And if, like me, you couldn’t attend Woolfest, head over to Knitsofacto to check out some magnificent sheep. While you are there, look around the archives for historical musing on Welsh knitters, thoughts on photography, and more.