Fragile Heart – testers needed

Fragile Heart lace scarf

Tanti cuoricini

The heart scarf is done and I love the semi-solid red of Anzula’s Wash my Lace. Much brighter than anything I’ve had in a long time; sometimes you just have to dare beyond gray, my default color these past few years.

I am writing up the pattern and will need testers soon. If any of you are interested, please leave me a note in the comments or email me at dada @ fluffbuff .com. The scarf itself is a decent time commitment (well for me it was, because I knit slowly), but even testing the stitch chart would be very helpful. The stitch is complex and requires some maneuvering (p2tog tbl, lace on both sides, dropped stitches picked up in subsequent rows, short rows).

Fragile Heart lace scarf

Cappuccetto Rosso?

P.S. I’ll revert to a weekly posting schedule soon. I don’t know what’s come over me this past week… I know posting too frequently becomes a bore.