The “K” files

A bit of reorganization chez Fluffbuff (or should I say chez Slow Knits since I started to use that name?).

Knitting binders

The old binders

My old binders finally got labels on the spine.
new binders

The new binders

And new binders found a spot on a different shelf. Yes, they look exactly like the old binders, just a splash of yellow for a change. For once, Staples was stocking the same product when I went back for more, unlike the plastic containers I’ve been using for my yarn. As soon as I got a good supply of stackable transparent containers, they discontinued the line.
Understanding Japanese patterns

Understanding Japanese patterns

This time I found some dividers with repositionable tabs that come in non-offensive colors. Yes, yes, I’m picky.
Dividers for the Technique binder

Modular dividers

Yellow makes me happy. Wish they’d had those yellow binders a couple of years ago when I started my collection. The dividers aren’t entirely visible in the binders because all my print-outs are inside sheet protectors that come out almost as far as the tabs, but they are still useful when leafing through the pages. How do you store your print-outs? Or do you keep mostly digital files? I am all for saving trees, but find it a lot easier to read on paper.