Taking stock

Thank you for the comments about Blueprint. The temperature went down significantly on Saturday and Sunday and I actually got to wear it; now it’ll go in the closet until the fall. It was a great self-directed workshop and I learned a lot, so I won’t beat myself up too much about the problems that jump out at me when I look at it and, especially, when I wear it. Some things I was able to troubleshoot; others I put down to experience — that thing you only get after you need it — and I am taking notes and filing for future use. About that, you’ll see some tales of caution in the next few days that I will then organize under the “Knitbits” page (that will appear in the top menu bar) to make them easy to find. I hope that you’ll find something useful in the mix. Among the tips/techniques that

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will show up first are: gauge swatches, color dominance, and grafting. The past few days have been more about taking stock than getting stuff done. For one thing, having finished a project that had sucked all my time for 6+ weeks, I had a bit of post-FO depression, then our house was taken over by construction workers and between that and the usual sleep problems, it’s been impossible for me to focus on anything.

Fixing the wall in the living room

Fixing the wall in the living room

All that shit that fell from the ceiling

All that shit that fell from the ceiling

the old door

The old door opening

the new door opening with an arch

and the new one

While this is going on, I am conducting a census of most of my knitting needles. Over the years I managed to scatter my needles in such a way that occasionally I buy sizes I already have and forget to procure the ones I need.
All my circulars

All my circulars (almost)

I had started to record sizes and length/width in Ravelry, but never quite got the whole job done because the interface does not provide all the sizes I use, and I’d rather keep all my information in one place. The only other thing I am doing now is knit some gauge swatches with Holst Garn Supersoft held double and Harrisville Design Shetland. The Blueprint hat got stalled because of a major goof and the pattern for the pullover is also languishing because now I have ideas for new things and my brain refuses to wrap up the old stuff. Oh, and I’ve been making and eating lots of apple cakes to make the most of

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the last good Pink Ladies.