Please, please, dry.

grafted row, wrong side

The grafted round from the wrong side

It’s done. The sweater that sucked the last six weeks of my life into a void of knitting frenzy has been drying on a rack since last night, first on the right side and now inside out to try to speed things up. I’ve learned a lot in the process and, for the record, I am never again going to graft 340 stitches in the round at 8.5 spi in two colors using wool with tiny barbed wires that cling on for dear life. EVER.

inside out sleeve

8-stitch floats in all the vertical bands.

The heathery hues also made it harder to see what I was doing. Yes, there were problems and I consumed an insane amount of chocolate yesterday.

neck short rows

A bit of short rows in the back of the neck

While I practice my patience today, I may take a break from knitting and run some experiments in the kitchen. How about something non-blue for a change?