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I finally finished something: my second layer socks. I haven't even washed them yet so they are still looking a bit pointy in the toes, but I wanted to take a picture right away. I haven't finished anything in a while.

They are really making my feet look BIG, but they're toasty. :)


Yay, they look great! I don't see any pointy toes or big feet. At my age, I go for comfort ;-)

Go you! They are lovely and done just in time for the drop in temperature.

Wow Francesca, very nice! I've been on a sock knitting binge lately myself. I think my stepmother would like that 2-layer sock idea, she lives in the snow country and her feet are always cold.

I love the socks. The colors are awesome. Not that I need more sock yarn but....

i'm so envious of your sock-making abilities. beautiful socks, as always!


Wow they're beautiful! I'm not seeing the big feet issue at all.

Those look great! In two months you will be soooo glad you made those.

pretty socks!