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New uses for unwanted wool

  The BBC website published an article today on "Using the wool no-one wants". It's about the fallen fortunes of Cumbrian sheep farmers who can no longer sell the wool of their sheep since the combination of fallen wool prices along with the coarse wool of their sheep makes it impossible for them to make a profit. Most of them these days end up "burning or burying it". Now, some of the farmers have come up with new uses for their wool: wool compost and wool insulation. At least this way the wool won't go to waste. It was an interesting article for me, as I had no idea wool could be used this way.


I didn't know about the compost but back in Australia, our house was insulated using wool. I think I mentioned before that the houses are built using two layers of bricks? Before putting on the roof, wool is pumped in the space between the two layers of bricks!

I have heard of wool insulation in Australia too - but the ideas in the article are very clever adaptations of existing ideas.