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I am slowly getting back into knitting. When I received a beautiful cashmere/merino yarn from Rachele, I decided to be decadent and make myself a pair of luxurious socks. I am almost done with the first one. Then Rosie sent me a fluffy self-striping wool yarn from the UK in a slightly thicker gauge and I tought I'd do something different: a pair of big socks to go over my regular socks. Even though LA weather isn't exactly chilly, our house does get cold in winter, especially the living room, that faces north, and my feet get cold. No more! This winter, I'll be wearing double socks in the evening when I sit on the sofa.

Speaking of which, we spent the best part of yesterday and today sofa hunting. If only we can make up our minds, we'll have a sofa soon. Given that we both loath shopping, we are very tempted to order something we like enough, even though it's not perfect. We just don't have the energy to keep looking for a better match.

But my socks look like they will be a good match, no? BTW, just going up a little in needle size (from 2.75mm to 3.15mm) has made a big difference in knitting speed. My big socks are going so much faster than my usual ones.


The stripey socks are beautiful colors and the matching is nicely done. What a wonderful autumn color on the solid sock. Now furniture shopping, that I love, but again about the taste and beer income.

I'm glad you found a project for that yarn! Hopefully it will make a really comfy sock!

WOW! Socks, socks and more socks. One of these days I'd like to spoil myself with some cashmere socks. I bet they're yummy!

Hey, I also wear two, sometimes three pairs of socks at the same time! They're lovely!

Maybe we'll see Page 140 soon?

This is great! I was wondering what to do with those Lantern Moon dpns I bought in 4mm size simply because they were so beautiful. Now I know - I'll make large warm slouch socks to go over others or even on me in bed at night if it's really cold. Francesca, are you telling me it gets even moderately less-warm enough in LA for socks?
Celtic Memory Yarns

What scrumptious, gorgeous, comforting-looking socks.