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Sew and Knit linen

  I read on a couple of blogs that some people have been frustrated lately with the quality of Japanese craft books. Maybe I'm easy to please or maybe I've been lucky in my book hunting, but so far I'm happy with my findings. I have to admit that not all bookstores are equally well stocked. Even within the same bookstore chain — Kinokuniya — selection varies widely from store to store. The Kinokuniya in Los Angeles (Little Tokyo) hasn't turned up anything interesting in a while, but the store in Torrance has a great selection of craft books and magazines. If only I lived closer. Torrance also has a large Asahiya bookstore, but the craft selection wasn't too exciting last week.

Here's anoher book on crafting with linen that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

ISBN 4-89396-901-3


Now I have to find a local source for the linen fabrics and tapes I see in all these Japanese books. So far, I've only found them in Japanese online stores.


Try F&S fabrics in West LA or International Silks and Woolens in W. Hollywood or Diamond Foam and Fabric in Hollywood. They are not discount, but they all have big selections of fabric. Diamond is more upholstery type fabrics, but you might find a nice linen there as well.

Thank you. I can't wait to finish it now...it's only been languishing for...oh...a long time. I really enjoy going through your book list. I think you always seem to have a fabulous selection of Japanese books and others as well. I never have bought the Handplagg, but thanks to your pics, it is on my list. One day..... :0) BTW, great socks.

found you through your comment to me... thanks...
if you find a source for linen i would love to know. i love the natural browny color that i have bought at art supply shops (daniel smith and dick blick) but haven't washed it... i was looking on a japanese site and it talked about lithuanian linen so i googled that but haven't pursued it much yet but that might be a thought too... i will keep you posted if i find anything worth passing along...

reprodepot.com has a wonderful selection of linen.

you should try michael levine fabrics in the downtown fashion district for somewhere local.