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Embroidery of a journey (Tiny Garden #2)

  Remember Tiny Garden? The author, Kazuko Aoki, has just published another embroidery book.

I think it translates as Travel embroidery or Embroidery of a journey, but I have a feeling that there is a more befitting translation. From the photos, it seems that the author created these embroideries while on a journey to the UK, but I am really guessing. Anyone who can help me out here?

Embroidery of a journey
by 青木 和子 (Kazuko Aoki)
ISBN-10: 4579111540
ISBN-13: 9784579111541

Entirely in Japanese.
Kazuko Aoki's website: www.tiny-garden.jp

Delicate little daisies and clovers.

A gallery of simple flowers you are likely to encounter while walking in the countryside.

Tiny photos, thumbnails really, of typical English gardens and country roads.

The red poppies remind me more of Italy than Englad, but I guess thy manage to thrive at higher latitudes as well.

I fell in love with the embroidered tea bags…

… and the lavender.

I am usually suspicious of follow ups, but both the second Nordic Knitting book and this one are worthy of their predecessors.

ADDED on March 20, 2008:

A friendly reader (thank you, Helen) emailed me with a better translation for the book title:

Embroidery of a Journey: Encounters with England's Wildflowers


I love this one! It seems like a great addition to the first. Any project ideas from it yet?

Boooooo... I just placed an order just last night with Amazon JP and I want this one as well. :'( It is so lovely. Thanks so much for posting so many photos.

http://www.isagerstrik.dk/1-35-topmenu-1.html This will take you to Marianne Isager's new book with Japanese influences...site is in Danish...fyi!

I love the red poppies; they're just as I remembered seeing them in Rome. Oh, and the lavender is perfectly depicted. The Japanese craft books are just the coolest, if anything for the photos, but I have a real weakness for them. I rarely go into Kinokuniya anymore, since it's too risky on my wallet. You know, I have the second Nordic Knitting book, and am trying to figure out the pattern for the hat...

I haven't known such a great book! All of her works are just delicate. Especially, to me, I love the bag which is embroidered with Swedish crown and the Lion.

That is so beautiful! But I can vouch for red poppies being a great feature of the landscape here in England. In fact the North Norfolk Coast is known as "Poppyland". And there are far more about now than there were in the 60s and 70s.

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