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Nordic Knitting #2

  Yesterday's book hunting expedition rewarded me with knitting and embroidery books. Here is one I had been on the lookout for since a friend in Japan had alerted me that it was being released.

I like this book just as much as I liked Nordic Knitting: Ten Fabulous Techniques.

Nordic Knitting: Seven Miraculous Techniques
by Kirja Kongsbak
ISBN-10: 4579111621
ISBN-13: 978-4579111626

Table of Contents

  • Zigzag
  • Frill
  • Spiral & Circle
  • Rose
    Four Knitted Rectangles
    Dropped Stitch
    Garter Socks
    Buttonhole Technique
    Moebius Band
    How To Make

I don't know the correct translation for Vendepinde, but all the projects in this section are worked with short rows, so maybe that's what vendepinde means. If you know different, please let me know.

The projects are diverse and illustrate the various techniques well. You'll find scarves, hats, table mats, bags, a necklace, sideways socks, a Moebius headscarf.

If they come out with Nordic Knitting #3, I'll buy it with my eyes closed.


I bought this book yesterday too, and was intending to give you the rundown today so you could decide if you wanted to order it!

I was wondering about the translation of Vendepinde too...I think you must be right.

Oh, another one I have to have...

oh oh oh..... I have been on the look out for this one as well. The zig zag and the socks are awesome.

What a lovely find on a sunday afternoon.

Oh, wow! Those look like really fun projects, and I like that the create something unusual. Love the zig zag scarf and the socks! That's a "must have"!

Wow! Thanks for the peek of the book, I must have it. What great projects!

Oh, I want it! Thanks for the review. I've asked Rachele if she can send it to me.

my rough translation: turn needles, so short rows sounds excellent! I'll have to accidentally find myself at Uwajimaya and check it out.

What interesting projects! Thank you for the review!
Pinde is needle (can also be strikkepinde, or just pind), and vende means to turn around, to change direction.

Being a Dane I can confirm that vendepinde indeed are short rows. :-)

Grazie, come al solito, per regalarci le foto! Bellissimo!

Francesca, nuovamente ci hai mostrato delle bellissime novita'.
Se non e' troppo ose', ti posso chiedere di spiegare meglio in privato cosa si vede in quella foto con la sciarpa a color corallo dove sotto c'e' scritto: 14 Frill?

Thanks so much for the heads-up! And for including some pictures of the insides.

ciao Francesca, e' da un po' che non mi faccio sentire^___-
ottobre, novembre e dicembre sono sempre mesi di densi di attivita'.
forse tu l'avrai gia' scritto, non ho tempo di cercarlo, da qualche parte, dove compri questi libri giapponesi e soprattutto quanto costano? le foto sono bellissime.
tempo fa ti chiesi parlarci al telefono, se hai voglia e tempo mandami il tuo numero ed un appuntamento cosi' ti chiamo. un abbraccio loredana


Thanks for leaving the very first comment on my new blog! ^_^ I was so excited to see I had a comment already, and I was tickled to see it was from you! Do you get notified when someone posts a link to your blog?

Anyway, while I'm at it, thanks for the awesome tutorial for the Italian Tubular cast-on. The video really made it easy!


Yeah, I am SO buying that....

OOh, I want that book. Major lust at first sight...

oooohhh! This looks very good.

Thanks for the pictures - as usual I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your blog - very inspiring. I'd break out the knitting needles right now except I'm supposed to be at work!

What a lovely book! You know, I have a branch of the same Japanese book store up here in the Sf area, but they never have much in stock. I absolutely never see the cool stuff here that you show here on your blog. I'm jealous! I was just there, trying to find stuff to spend money on, and nada....

But thanks for showing us what's available, so we can find it other ways.

Fabulous. I had to have both books NOW. No luck at amazon.com.jp. Or on search at Kinokuniya.com. But, when I called the Kinokuniya SF store, bingo. The TWO copies in stock were gone, but plus postage, both will be at my door in a few weeks. (Price of books and postage both less than expected. No special order fee either!) Oh my, those socks....

Hi, Thanks for all the useful discussion about these books, it helps me to know what to look for.

Thanks for the review. I've just purchased this book, to add to my ever-growing collection!

I got a very interesting new book yesterday. I can't understand the words, but the pictures are good, and I can figure out some of the meaning. I blogged about it today.

I bought this book too. I have a question. Do you know what they mean on page 16 for the Spiral and Circle when it says Vm1c?

Thank you!


Today at a craft fair in Copenhagen I bought the book from Kirja herself. She is a very kind and helpful lady. I bought yarn and the pattern for the Spiral and Circle in danish. Unfortunately I don't read japanese. But I can help with the Vm1c. It means "Slip one stitch purlwise".

I happened to see that book in a Japanese bookstore in Los Angeles, and did not buy it cause I thought I may not understand the instructions. I'm used to following crochet patterns in Japanese, but don't have much experience with knitting instructions in Japanese. You have a wonderful blog, and I enjoy looking at your great knitting projects.

How did you take these beautiful pix?