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Powered by Chocholate (really)

  England to Timbuktu in a truck powered by bio-diesel that started its life as chocolate. I am not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I am all for bio fuel and saving the earth; on the other, I hope that that was low grade or expired chocolate. The BBC article only says that they used chocolate misshapes. Was shape the only problem with it? I know, I am being silly, but the thought of depriving chocolate lovers of 4,400 kg (8,800lbs) of chocolate so those two guys can go on a trip to Mali, well… why did it have to be chocolate in the first place? Couldn't they have used something gross like peanut butter for instance?


The whole concept leaves me wondering if the exhaust fumes from the car smell like S'mores,

Maybe it was leftover Easter chocolate? I think we may have some in the refrigerator now. Here in Buffalo, there are a few restaurant owners who process the oil from frying Chicken Wings into fuel.

hey! what have you been doing in my cupboard!!

Mis-shapes still taste good (I ate rather a lot of those when I was a poor student). No, I think that brussels sprouts should be turned into bio-fuel so I never have to consume one ever again. As for peanut butter, my mother tells me that my little sister decided to "help" with the housework one day and "cleaned" Ma's dressing table mirror with peanut butter....

I remember when I was an intern in California, I used to eat this chocolate with peanut butter. I can't remember the name of the brand anymore, but it was one of the best combinations ever. A truly heavenly combination that I still remember fondly to this day. *sigh*

Using food as biofuel - bad, bad, bad idea. Especially when it can be processed for human consumption. Drives the food price up, making these very expensive, especially in poor countries such as in South America where corn is a staple. Now, byproducts of cooking such as used cooking oil - great. Even better - switchgrass or other plants that are not edible.