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Nordic Knitting

  Today I bring you yet another Japanese book, but it's more Scandinavian than Japanese. It's a book of knitting techniques from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Norway. The book is in Japanese, but (take note Japanese publishers!) with the basic technique instructions also in English. Bet you're happy about that; I know I am.

The first half of the book presents photos of the projects and the techniques being used. The second half — How To Make — gives instructions for the projects with charts, illustrations and Japanese text.

One of the projects is actually crocheted (tapestry crochet from Finland). As I found out browsing shelves of Japanese books, when you see something classified as knitting, it can be about either knitting or crochet or both.

Nordic Knitting: Ten fabuluous techniques
ISBN 4-579-11118-4

Table of Contents

  • Tapestry Crochet in Korsnäs
  • Fur Tape
  • Domino Strikke
  • I Cord
  • Näverstickning
  • Kihnu vits
  • Estonian Spiral
  • Crown
  • Tubular Stitch
  • Bead Knitting

How To Make

Finland: tapestry crochet

Finland: fur tape

Sweden: Näverstickning

Estonia: Estonian spiral

Norway: tubular stitch

I like this little book a lot. I am glad it includes instructions for fur tape, as I've been wanting to try that for a while. Not that it's anything trascendental; once you see the instructions it's like duh… couldn't I have figured it out for myself? Oh well… I'll be creative next time. Lene of Dances with Wool has some gorgeous mittens with crewel embroidery and fur tape that I've been lusting after and now I have no excuse.

I haven't started anything new in a while because of all the UFOs languishing in my baskets around the house. The result is that I've neither finished the UFOs nor started anything new. Maybe I should just give up on trying to finish things, or I should stop working on projects that take a long time to complete and stick to socks and other small items.


Or maybe you haven't finished anything in a while because you're looking after blog friends like me who never even considered the possibility of the beauty in Japanese knitting books.

This library you have that you call a bookshelf....Must. See. It.

I love this new book and the fact that it has instruction in english - OH WOW

How odd that you would get a Japanese book to learn about Nordic knitting!

thanks to a Japanese book, I now know the Swedish for entrelac. What an exciting find, I'd love to know more about fur tape!

Where do I get one?

Bobbi, I got mine at Kinokuniya, but you can get it also at amazon.co.jp.

Francesca, ho letto tutto il tuo blog e vorrei complimentarmi con Te. Mi e' piaciuto molto che appfrondisci meticolosamente tutti gli argomenti che tratti: ricette, tecniche o libri. Grazie di averci condiviso tutte queste informazioni!


In response to your post I just ordered four knitting books from Amazon Japan. I went to the website to buy this one and in response to the "customers who have purchased this book have also purchased THIS one" links, I ended up with three additional books...ha ha. I can hardly wait until they arrive!

I just got this little gem of a book for Christmas! I liked your review of the second book in the series and have added it to my wishlist :o)

Thanks for the review, now I have ordered it too :)