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And the winner is…

With all the commotion of the last few days, I forgot to follow up on my little anniversary gift, after I asked you to post links for good online tutorials in the comments. Apologies for not posting about this sooner.

The draw was for two skeins of Regia sock yarn in Antik Patch colors; each skein makes a pair of socks. I like this yarn a lot and more than half my current socks are made with this same pattern, just different colors. Since I haven't been knitting socks in a while, I'd like these to go to a good home.

I put your names in a basket and asked Pipie to pick one. He likes the sound of crumpled paper and was eager to please. Your names will now be toys for the rest of the day.

Here is his pick:

Bea, please email me your address and I'll put your yarn in the mail. I am glad Pipie picked someone who knits socks. :)

In case you are not familiar with Whip Up and Purl Bee, I'd like to add them to your suggestions for online tutorials. Check them out.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.


Thank you so much! I'm so excited to get my new sock yarn :) Kamsamnida (that's thank you in Korean!)

Hey, it's Piper! Does that mean that he's finally out of the bathroom and everything has settled down?

Congratulations to Bea!