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Knitted Accessories from Scandinavia

  There seems to be a surge in interest in Scandinavian knitting in Japanese books, or maybe it's that I'm attuned to it. This is my latest find.

Knitted Accessories from Scandinavia
by 嶋田 俊之 (著)
88 pages
ISBN 4-529-04140-9

All in Japanese, including the table of contents.


love the red and white gloves ;)

I got this book recently and love it. I find it very inspirational. The only problem is that I don't read Japanese. I'm trying to figure out the patterns from the diagrams. I'll be interested in if you make anything from it as I think you'll get further on the instructions. Enjoy!

wow! love the red and white gloves. Great find!

Ooh, I love the cover design!

Ooo, I like the flowers. I think I'll need to get that one!

I have this book - it is so inspirational, even if I have no idea what it's talking about! Good get.

You find great books, Francesca!

Hey, I got that one too! Did you find it from the link I sent you?

Catching up with you and everyone. Happy New Year to you! I love stopping in here, it's like coming to a very welcoming library where I can relax and take in gorgeous unexplored foreign lands. Thanks for sharing your library and your fiber exploits.

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i have this book and love it to bits. so many gorgeous patterns!

(never mind the silliness of being scandinavian and buying japanese patterns for scandinavian knitting!)