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First Lace

My first lace project is from the book Victorian Lace Today. The pattern is for a large rectangular shawl, but this will be a tiny scarf instead, because I replaced the yarn with Habu 2-ply cashmere and I am working with US #0 needles. Yes, I'm crazy that way. Probably should have used a thicker yarn for my first lace, but I'm not good at being sensible.

So, here is the scarf in progress with about five repeats done. I love the yarn and the color. I know yellow is not a flattering color for my complexion, but if I have to sustain my interest in this project, I need something I really like.

After a very slow beginning, I followed Theresa's advice and transcribed my chart into individual row instructions that I wrote on separate cards held together by a ring. I knit one row, flip the card, and it's going much faster and smoother this way. Whoever came up with that idea, deserves a good bottle of wine.

Wish me luck for the next 25 repeats or so. I still have no clue how to knit and attach the border, but I'll worry about that later.


Oh, that notecard idea is amazing! What a great way to combine row counting with the chart. Hooray!

oh wow, that is so beautiful!

I do that with all my charts, whether it's Fair Isle, lace, Arans, etc.

I love that pattern & yellow suits me! (That was a hint ;-)

Wow! Now I'm going to have to buy the book.

And you said you couldn't knit lace - it looks fantastic!

Sta uscendo un bellissimo lavoro. Mi piace l'idea di usare l'anello delle schede con la descrizione dei singoli ferri. Il vino certamente te lo meriti. Alla Tua salute!

I'm so amazed that this is your first lace. You do such increadible colorwork that I'm positive you'll accomplish anything you desire!!!

Oohh Francesca! What a beautiful first lace project. Are you sure you've never knit lace? Maybe in a previous life? I am mightily impressed with your efforts. And good luck on the reps. I only have 40 more to go on the shawl border I am working on, seven done. In a year. We'll say no more about that.

you're crrrraaazzzzy!

but absolutely inpsiring.

way to jump into the world of lace knitting with both feet ;)

and yes, the yellow is gorgeous!

It's absolutely gorgeous... I can only wish my first attempt turns out that well! I like the yellow, too - very delicate without being washed out.

That is absolutely gorgeous. Individual cards per row, hmmmm? What a great idea. Thanks for sharing that. The few times I have worn yellow my friends usually ask me if I have jaundice. Apparently it's not my color either. LOL I still love the color but never wear it.

You are off to a great start! If anyone can pull it off, you can!

Oh, that is beautiful.

ahhhhhhhhhh....... Habu 2-ply cashmere, how lovely for a first lace project. It looks so delicate and lovely. My first lace was with Habu silk.

To be honest I have looked at that yarn for a long time, to nervous to even think about knitting with it. Good job on the courage.

That's a great color, and the knitting looks good, too. :) Knitted on borders are a lot of fun - you'll like it.

How is that Habu? I want some. :)

It's looking lovely! It will be so fabulous when it's all blocked out.... And you'll figure out that edging in no time, I'm sure! :)

Goooooooorgeus, and perfect for our So. Cal weather. Did you say "FIRST LACE PROJECT?" hmph.... :) :)

Found your blog indirectly. Love the lace. Yellow has got to be my favorite color and your lace is beautiful in that shade. I like that you're "crazy that way." Things done tiny--well, they're just special. Why learn something new the easy way? Jump right in, girl!

Looks wonderful! I can't believe all the stuff you do. Can't wait to see the finished scarf...

And the books are wonderful. I want to come to Kinokuniya with you next time!

See you soon I hope!

Very beautiful! Thin yarn on small needles are pretty! You just need a little bit more patience and good lighting to do lace in thin yarn ... but it would be more lovely than thick one.