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Bloody massacre.

This morning I woke up to a tangled house. If you've been watching the TV show Heroes, think of the wall board with the locations and pictures of the various heroes and the labirynth of connecting threads. Four balls of yarn strewn around the house, down the stairs, around corners and objects. Three of the balls were still attached to my St. Brigid in progress — please send yarn or books in lieu of condolences, thank you. More spoils of war in the basket with sweater pieces and yarn on my office floor. If we had antidepressants in the house, I would have reached for a triple dose.

Guess who's in the dog house?

No, I didn't take a picture of the devastation. That was pre-shower, pre-caffeine, brain not fully engaged.

I know at least one person in Ireland who knows what my wake-up was like.


Holy smokes! I feel your pain. I am so glad that my dog is not interested in any of my fiber stuff. I think.

...mi dispiace tanto! A quanto ammontano i danni reali? dopo doccia, caffè e un profondo respiro?

Oh no!!! Does the miscreant comprehend that venting a hunting instinct on that tantalizing yarn was a no-no?

ohhhh, he doesn't even look all that sorry... in fact, in the first photos it kinda looks like he is thinking about what to do tonight.

ohohohohohohohohohhhhh. kelvino! how *could* you!!!

:( sniff. sniff.

Oh Francesca, I understand your pain!

I remember the time that I spent two full days warping my loom with a very complicated overshot pattern. I had finally finished and walked away from the loom to stretch and celebrate, but had not bothered to tie the warp off. I didn't see the need; after all, I lived by myself so there was nobody to distrupt things. Or so I thought.

Mr. Daisy - the greatest dog that ever lived, past, present, or future - came running by my work in great spirits. As he loped by the strand of warp that was hanging over the side of the loom, he reached to his left, grabbed it in his jaws, and kept going. WHIP !!! was the sound of the entire project as it ripped out of my loom and went down the hall with Daisy.

Not only was all that time warping wasted, but he tangled the warp and got dog spit all over it.

I never again warped a loom without tying bunches of warp threads together as I finished up each section.

Please say it wasn't as bad as that blogger in Ireland! Poor Kevin.

Oh NO!!!!! I do hope the Kitty KLV813274 is feeling lucky to be alive. Good luck bringing St. Brigid back to life.

Oh how awful! Kelvino will most certainly be in the next edition of Hollywood Mugshots.

Oh, the horror! Kelvino, I thought you were such a sweet kitty, how could you do that to your ma? How much got ripped out?

It sounds like a trip to the kitty reformatory for you buddy!

yikes. those are cute pictures, though.

Oh dear. What's the verdict or was kitty allowed to post bail? I don't think I see regret in that look.

Darling Francesca, don't you find that the worst thing is not discovering the catastrophe, but immediately thinking of how you are going to set it up for the weblog! Honestly, I wonder if these mutts and muffies are doing it on purpose, so that we can have shock/horror postings?
(Muffy is waiting underneath my desk right now for some yarn to drop...)