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St. Brigid Addiction

Yes, it's time to fess up: I am addicted to St. Brigid. The pieces in the basket, soon to become an FO, are my fourth St. Brigid. The first one went to a friend after it became evident that I had knit it a size too small.

The second turned out a bit too short for comfort and a bit itchy at the neck, in spite of being pure merino and being advertised as perfect for use next to the skin.

The third one is in a gorgeous burgundy Jaeger extra fine merino and has suffered much abuse — all love, really — as it has been my favorite sweater for the past four years. The yarn is lovely, warm and soft; it did pill in the front, though, but I got a lot of mileage out of it. I made the collars very loose on purpose as I like to wear them with comfy shirts underneath.

It's almost impossible to get anything done in our house without at least one of the fuzzies wanting to participate. Almost as soon as I put down the sweaters, Pipie decided to test them for softness and started kneading them (sigh).

Hm, I like this.

Yes, this is nice and soft.

What do you mean, I can't be here? Surely, I'm improving the shot.

And I tried to get in a close-up to show the cable detail, but with only two hands I couldn't hold the camera and fend off Pipie.

At least Kelvin didn't join in the fun. He was taking another nap in front of the kitchen vent. I swear, he has the tostiest butt in Southern California. He was tired poor baby, after helping out earlier with my kanji studies.

See what I mean?

Er, I think you got one wrong here. Shall I fix it for ya?


Your St. Brigids are lovely. I would love to knit a sweater like that but I know I would never wear it. I get too hot. Then too cold. And then too hot again. A vest or cardigan works so much better for me. *sigh* Love that St. Brigid though.

I'm speechless but now I don't feel so bad about knitting all the Fair Isles ;-)

They're absolutely gorgeous. I could never do that.

beautiful! i feel like i'm always writing that on your blog..

but really, just gorgeous. and yes, i mean piper and kelvin as well, but mostly i mean the knitting. no wonder you're addicted, i'm starting to get addicted too. grazie tanto.


Bellissimi!! Quasi-quasi mi viene la voglia di farne uno. Dove si puo' trovare la descrizione? Sembra troppo complicata per avventurarsi a vista.

Che meraviglia, Francesca! oramai lo saprai a memoria. Io lo sto facendo in verde pino.Anche i gattoni sono belli. Gattoni panettieri...

oooh--beautiful sweaters! Seems perfectly reasonable to want to knit that one over and over. :)

I have had Brigid on my to-do list for a long time. I never realized how lovely the neck is. Your sweaters look better than the ones in Starmore's book. Very beautiful.

Those sweaters are just gorgeous! I tried an AS cabled sweater from her Celtic Collection (Cromarty) but barely made it half way through the front. I have a hard time trying to find yarn to substitute for the yarn called for in her patterns. It seems like no matter what yarn I choose I'm having to knit really tightly to get anywhere close to gauge. Any tips?

Oh---and I have a kitty too who seems to think that nothing is complete until he has sat on it and rolled around a bit. Why do we love these furballs!

Those sweaters are some kind of beautiful! I'm in awe - I know I've said that and why do I think I will again! The furballs are too gorgeous!!

what a cute cat! I think I want one now!
The sweaters are gorgeous!