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Salone del gusto - Torino

  From my food correspondent in Italy — well, my friend Giorgio — some pictures from the Sixth Salone del Gusto that took place in Torino, Italy, a couple of weeks ago.

Giorgio has been involved with the Slow Food movement — a sponsor of the event — for several years and is passionate about food, so he travelled from Faenza to Torino where he spent a few days enjoying good food and lectures about good food.

A bustier made entirely of pasta, I think.

Ah, to have been there and smelled the air… have you ever seen that many wheels of parmigiano in one place?

Ravioli. Yum.

Blue eggs from southern Chile.

The Mali food stall.

Formaggio nel sacco (cheese in the bag).

Spalla di cinta senese. I have no idea how to translate this.

I wish I could have been there and seen and smelled and tasted all the good stuff from many parts of the world. Maybe another year.


i am quite hungry right now, and i can positively say there is nothing in my house that compares to what you have posted.... that all looks so so good. especially the parmigiano. ohhhh, it is a thing of beauty.

Oh, I'm hungry just looking at this. Yum!

This is just cruel. Especially the pasta. What a beautiful bustier. Now that's imagination and talent.

Behold the power of cheese - I know it's not original but so called for.