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Dear Sweet Home

  Since I've heard from some of you that there can never be too many Japanese craft books, here's another one. A couple of you are under the impression that I am fluent in Japanese. Ha! Don't I wish. No, I am a beginner and the sad thing is that I've been a beginner for a very long time. Not enough time, not enough money… somehow I never managed to get past a certain stage. But I am not giving up.

Dear, Sweet Home
ISBN 4-391-62192-4

You may have to wait a while for a translation of the table of contents.

It would have never occurred to me to sew paper, but isn't this a great idea for a gift package?


oooh--those shoes are so sweet! :)

I'd love to walk right into those pictures have a cuppa right now myself. Alice is right the shoes with the beading or embroidery are very delicate.

Those basket covers are beautiful. In a way, my sewing machine was purchased because it could embroidery. Eleven years and I still haven't done any!

I took a year of Japanese in high school and remember absolutely nothing. I have my own share of Japanese craft books - they're addictive huh? I have to keep reminding myself that I need to learn some of the basics in English before I try it in a foreign language.