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Beyond the cow on the left

  Bet you're starting to get sick of Japanese craft books, eh? Okay, I'll wait a few days to put up the rest of my latest purchases. But, I am going back to Torrance tomorrow to visit another Japanese bookstore: Asahiya. In the meantime, I created a category just for Japanese craft books (menu on the right) for those of you who want to see just those.

Bunch of stuff going on in the past few days, including Ben's car being in the shop for days and our fridge fi-nal-ly getting fixed. And last night we got rid of the big sofa. The living room is looking rather spacious this morning, and Piper is using it as a race track.

Yesterday's mail brought me a totally unexpected package from the UK. At first I thought it was from my mother, who is currently in London, but it was from my new friend Rosie. I was her secret pal during the SP8 exchange and I never expected to get a package *from* her. How sweet is that?

She sent me three balls of soft wool in a self-striping color that I had never seen before, a British magazine called Knitting, a little notebook, an adorable porcelain egg holder in white and blue with a rooster on one side and two geese on the other, and a great postcard with a view of a meadow outside one of Cambridge's great university buildings where she sometimes goes to KIP with friends, as she writes: "just beyond the cow on the left".
Grazie, Rosie! I really hope to meet you in person one day.

My yogurt is cold, our cars are working, I got yarn… things are looking up. Oh, and 9 pounds down, 21 to go. <insert happy smile here>


Thanks for spending so much time taking photographs of the books and now putting them all together. I'll be referring to it when I'm ready to take up another hobby. Maybe if I got rid of the huge dining table, I'll have space for another hobby ;-)

Wow, 9 pounds is quite an achievement. Congrats! Thank goodness, things have settled down there. Only a sofa to get?

great gifts, yay for a great secret pal experience ~

somebody's birthday is coming up... tanti auguri... a te... tanti auguri... a te!...

;) sono pazza, lo so.

It's not possible to get sick of Japanese craft books is it? I appreciate all your lovely posts.

Gosh, I'm so relieved! I thought I was a nutcase buying a couple of exquisite Japanese knitting and crochet books on eBay because I loved the pictures. You're smoothly fluent in Japanese, right? You can help me with the patterns, right? Aw c'mon Francesca, I'll teach you to swear in Gaelic...
Celtic Memory Yarns

We never get sick of those Japanese craft books!! :)

Hope the car keeps running for years (hate car shopping as I have champagne tastes on a beer income). Was this the couch that you've been having trouble with? If so, forgive me for saying, but good riddance. You're package is so great! I notice the pink pig and Cyril the Squirrel is soooo cute.

BTW never tired of the Japanese craft books.