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Comforting the Amish community

  If you have been touched by last week's tragedy and wish to reach out to the Amish community, the Woman to Woman Memory Shawls project gives you a chance to do so. Shelley and Dianna are teaming up spinners and knitters to make shawls for the mothers, sisters and grandmothers of all the Amish victims. The widow of the shooter will also be included. The shawls will be in a color and style compatible with Amish tradition. If you can commit to a rather quick turnaround for either spinning or knitting, check out asheepinwoolsclothing.


We English live arm in arm with the Amish here - we're about 2 hours away from Lancaster. We thought we had seen it all as police officers but what happened shocked both of us here. What comfort to see the caring and heart the world has. Thanks for the info. Wish I could knit fast enough.