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Shiro neko kun

  When I spotted this little book in one of the language shelves at Kinokuniya's, I thought someone must have picked it up in the children's section or the comics section and put it down in the wrong place. I was wrong; it really is a language book.

Shironekokun (the white kitty) illustrates the use of some of the particles of the Japanese language by using whimsical illustrations to describe very simple sentences. Each sentence consists of a noun, a particle and a verb, and belongs to a set of two or three sentences that differ only in the particle, as in "neko to kagu" and "neko o kagu". The illustrations show the white kitty and a little girl in a variety of humorous situations. I simply couldn't resist.

(shiro neko kun = the white kitty)
ISBN 4-09-727511-9


Saw your comment at Fig & Plum. I flew last week and will again this week and had no problem with knitting needles and small scissors. The TSA has a list of allowed and banned items on their website. You can even take a screwdriver if it is less than 7", but no drill bits. There are some weird inconsistencies.

These books you find are so charming. I've always had this dream of opening a book store of unique items. Maybe I should just come and look through your living room and all these special finds you have!!! Thanks for sharing them.

hola francesca!
me gusta muchísimo tu blog y las cosas que en él mostrás!