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More Japanese books

  Today I managed to take some time off and do two good things: get together with my friend Andrea — we hadn't seen each other in two months and she's moving out of Los Angeles in a few weeks — and go to the Kinokuniya store in Costa Mesa. In all, I spent about 3.5 hours driving, but it was worth it, and anyway I was in good company and that makes all the difference. The Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo is much closer to me, but the one in Costa Mesa has a better selection of craft books. I came away with five books, five! I feel so spoiled. :)

These are the books; more detailed entries in the next few days.

(shiro neko kun = the little white cat)
ISBN 4-09-727511-9

Dear, Sweet Home
ISBN 4-391-62192-4

Simple Stitch Life
ISBN 4-579-11103-6

ISBN 4-579-11088-9

ISBN 4-89396-901-3


I love that first bag! And so jealous that you and andrea live so close together and get to see each other!

There's something so attractive about those books/pictures. I thinks it's because everywhere I look is clutter ;-)

So, are those part of your birthday present?