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Riva, a unisex scarf


    NOTES about the pattern:

  • Riva is Italian for shore, for the gentle waves in the patterned sections and the slight overlappings and curled edges throughout.
  • The scarf is worked back and forth lengthwise on long circular needles.
  • The pattern is highly customizable and a good project to use up small quantities of lightweight yarn.
  • Each new scarf segment is cast on separately and then joined to the scarf.
  • For questions or to report errors, please email me at dada @ fluffbuff.com or send me a message on Ravelry (my Raverly ID is “knitaly”).

Techniques employed in the pattern:

  • 3-needle join
    A 3-needle join is the same as a 3-needle bind-off, but without the final step. The technique is also explained and illustrated with photos in the PDF pattern.
    3-Needle Bind-Off (Knitty)

Techniques suggested to knitters who dislike purling:

Portuguese purling involves either keeping the yarn around your neck or flowing it from a pin on the left side of your chest. Laylock’s version of Turkish purling is based on holding the yarn in your left hand as in continental knitting, and clicking your thumb as in Portuguese purling. The Turkish version seems very fast and effortless, but I control my tension more effectively with the Portuguese technique. If you dislike long rows of purls, try out these techniques; one of them might change your mind about purling.

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