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January is turning out to be a good month for FOs. After the shawl for my mother, I cast on and quickly finished a little scarf using a pattern called Wisp.

I modified it to eliminate the button holes and make it slightly longer.

Love, love, love Habu Kasuri Silk Mohair; those suble color changes make me very happy.

Maybe I should knit quick projects more often; they are good to offset those languishing UFOs.


What a pretty colour! Doesn't it feel good to just finish up a quick project after something that has taken so long. Wisp is so pretty.

That is so, so pretty! The yarn is, of course, fabulous. How did I miss that pattern??

Oh my. Looks edible! It must feel lovely too--that Habu stuff is amazing.

It is just an ethereal wisp but it's so lovely. It reminds me of cherry blossoms, which is a welcome thought on the frigid day that we're having!!

Great color.

absolutly georgeous. i saved the pattern from knitting.

Oh ... I love Wisp ... it's quick, it's light, and it's lovely!

What exquisite, lovely work you do. This shawl is a work of art.

Looks like pink cotton candy to me. So yummy.

Beautiful! The slight color changes really enhance the simple pattern. Makes me want to knit another Wisp!

It looks so light and airy! Beautiful colour. I think I should order some of that yarn too...

Did you say "quick"? I'm all for that! What a beautiful scarf, made even more so by the beautiful choice of yarn!

Your pink Wisp is lovely! I made one for my mother with Colinette Parisienne, nice, but not as lovely as yours, which is like spun sugar. I was hoping it would be the kind of thing you could wear in the winter there (my mother lives in So. Cal. too. Is that Wisp for you?

gorgeous, francesca. just beautiful. i love the airiness and transparency of it and i do believe i have a stray ball of kidsilk haze with wisp written all over it ...

so beautiful!

I've had my eye on that pattern for a while and must make it now that I've seen your beautiful version.

Wisp is so pretty!

And while Pipie was in the cabinets, was any torta being stalked and eaten? lol.

Bravo. This is just gorgeous.

I made 'the mistake' to show it to my daugther and she just 'have to have' the brown one :).

Wow, you're on such a roll with the lace projects! Congrats on another lovely one!

I love pink and the subtle changes in color make it even more beautiful! Must. Check. Out. Habu Kasuri Silk Mohair!