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Habu Trunk Show

    It took a Habu Trunk Show to finally get me down to Wild Fiber in Santa Monica.

It was my first time there as that side of town is usually an unpleasant drive in snail traffic, and yesterday was no different. The store has an excellent inventory with lots of yarns I like and don't find easily in LYS. So far, the only place I'd been able to buy Habu and Jade Sapphire locally had been Purl Soho, and that's even further away from me than Wild Fiber. Needles, bags, accessories and books are also in good supply. I don't know what it was like with the old management (the store just recently changed hands), but I was favorably impressed with this one.

Isn't this the most adorable little dress?

Habu had a variety of garments on display on a rack and against a wall, with some yarns, handknit bags and color cards on a table. The Habu lady (I wish I had asked her name; she was very friendly and helpful) let people try on the garments and held short workshops on how to read the Japanese knitting charts in the Habu kits. Wish I could have stayed for that.

The restrained beauty of Setsuko Torii's design is the kind that grows on you. The appeal of her garments is all in the muted tones, earthy quality and impeccable details. There was a bright red cardigan in paper yarn that was not exactly understated, still it fit in perfectly with the rest of the show.

I loved the buttons on the sweaters, cardis and one of the handbags. No kits came home with me, partly a matter of budget and partly because the kits themselves were not on display and you had to order them. Probably a good thing for me because I spent enough on yarn anyway.

On the other side of the store were several Habu yarns.

This is what came home with me.

Four balls of Kid Silk Haze in a glorious shade of blue called Hurricane. I'm in love and have already cast on a new project (more about that tomorrow).

No project in mind for these three little balls of hand-dyed silk mohair Kasuri (Habu of course), but they kept calling my name and wouldn't take no for an answer. Three is all they had so this will probably be a lace scarf. I never thought I'd buy variegated yarn for lace, but these babies had me staring until I gave up. What can I say? I have no will power. Besides, my birthday is coming up and I have an extra excuse to spoil myself. :)

So glad I got out of the house yesterday.


Oh, wow, I wish I could have been there! (I definitely need one of those Japanese pattern workshops). That lacy black dress is gorgeous! And behind it, a WALL of Koigu?! That really looks like a fabulous LYS. Worth the nightmare drive. (And happy early birthday.)

Looks like fun!

Dropped jaw, drools all over the desk, how fun!! I dreamt about it last night! Happy upcoming Compleanno, Dear!

I was there today! I loved that little dress, too, until I touched it. It felt like it was made from twine. Or wire.

Habu doesn't appeal to me but most everything else at Wildfiber does. I did take the Japanese pattern reading workshop and it was good to have everything explained. If you ever need help, I think I understand how they write patterns in Japan. It is actually quite brilliant and like shorthand for knitters who don't need their hands held line by line.

I am ashamed to share what came home with me today. Happy early birthday!

WOW!!!! I wish I could have been there as well!! The dress is in the anniversary book. I didn't realize though how sheer it was in person. It really is lovely. I love the habu that you came home with. What a great colour.

Happy Early Birthday!!

I know I know ... not too many can be immune from the beauty of Rowan Kidsilk Haze! The Hurricane colour is so special.

Oh, I'm speachless! Beautiful yarns you bought!

Non ho mai visto un negozio cosí dal vivo. Sicuramente non riuscirei a comprare niente per l'imbarazzo della scelta.
Sono molto curiosa cosa farai dal Hurricane. Io ho acquistato recentemente 3 gomitoli Kid Silk Haze in colore Vino e sto cercando cosa farne.

I live very near the Habu store in NYC and they never have all this stuff there. I would love to see all the garments in person. How fun! I look forward to seeing what you make with your new stash.

Looks like a great yarn adventure! I've never tried Habu, but the thought of knitting with paper and stainless steel is facinating.

Wow! Those garments looks so elegant.

Oh the hurricane color is lovely as is the Habu - I love that rose color. I see you and Ava have met - I think she loves Habu as well.

Happy early Birthday - have a terrific day!

You are a temptress!

I recently put myself on a zero budget for yarn and had to breathe deeply while reading your post.

Like dying and going to Heaven, really.

Che meraviglia di negozio!! I modelli di Setsuko Torii mi affascinano molto.
Fortuna che il negozio non è nelle mie vicinanze...
un abbraccio B

I can totally understand why that Habu yarn couldn't be left behind. It's utterly gorgeous!

I just wish we would get the Habu goodness here in Finland too. I probably couldn't afford it anyways, but then I could at least touch it and see it in person. The selection here is getting wider here all the time, though. And there's always the possibility of shopping online.

Oooooh, purty... I love the KSH color you chose, I'm very curious to see what it's going to be! And what lace scarf are you going to use the pink mohair for? I hope someday I get to go to Wildfiber, I've heard great things about it!

Well, of course you have to buy that lovely mohair. I am sure something will present itself as a perfect fit. Habu looks a lot larger than Avril, which is where Habu gets it's stuff. I am envious you have accsss to Habu.

The yarn is gorgeous! how did you like Santa Monica? There's another really nice store on Wilshire and 21st, called Compatto. It's much smaller than Wildfiber but in my opinion more friendly (at least before change of owner!) -

Wildfiber is/was one of my favorite stores, because it's so beautifully arranged, and the light is perfect there. It was precisely the unfriendliness that made me stop going, and unfortunately I never went back after the change in ownership. Maybe one day! The Habu goods look incredible.

It's hard for me to believe you came away without a skein (or four) from the wall of Koigu!

That dress is MY Dress. I love it. I have been drooling over it for so long (olga has it in one of her habu books. I cannot believe you saw it up front and personal - sigh

Oh, I'm speachless! Beautiful bright pink yarns you bought! AND I'm not "a pink person" ;) But this I just love... ... ... And I just know the right pattern for it ;)
Hugs... from Sweden...

Hi, stumbled on your site via expat-blog and will be stumbling your way again. Loved the pictures of the wool - it makes me want to search out my needles again!

Ohh, what a fun outing. Habu yarns are so interesting. I'll be curious to see how the variegated knits up into lace.

I once made it to the Avril (Habu) store in Tokyo. I've been hankering to go back, and your post added to that!