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Bohus wristlet

  One down, one to go.

Last night I finished the first of my "Blue Shimmer" Bohus wristlets. The execution leaves something to be desired, but I love the pattern, the colors, the yarn, everything. And it feels so soft and warm against the skin. Go ahead: laugh. This is the end of May in Southern California and here I am, wearing my angora/wool wristlet. No, really, I am wearing it. This morning is cold again and our old house takes a while to warm up after a cold night. I took off my zipper hoodie to take a couple of photos and I had goosebumps to the point that I had to Photoshop my arm. So, for a little longer, my left wrist will enjoy the warm fuzziness. :)


that is beautiful! love love love the muted colours that go so beautifully together. mmm.

love your habu scarf as well, btw! (i'm catching up on my blog reading today...)

It's gorgeous! I want one but I'm not ready to knit a Bohus.

Very Cool.... Though I can not imagine how warm they are this time of year. :)

ooh, my left wrist was warm and pretty in a blue shimmer wristlet today too! LOL. I have to get busy and make one for my right wrist now. Yours is very pretty.

Beautiful! You almost get me inspired to try Bohus!

Very Pretty! I love the colors and how they work together. Now I think you should knit a sweater, hehe.

how pretty and fuzzy! but I feel sorry for your other wrist. :)

That is so pretty, and it looks so warm and fuzzy, I would love to have an entire sweater just like it!

That is so, so, stylish and looks really soft and warm. I'm smitten!

That's pretty!

You are much better than I am, I haven't touched my wristlet since the workshop.
I had been hoping to make it into the top of a sock, but it won't fit over my ankle!