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Bohus Knitting

  Just a quick note about the book Poems of Color.

In yesterday's post I linked the title to Amazon, but the book is not in stock and it takes 3-5 weeks for them to ship it so I ordered mine just now from Interweave Press. You can also find it at Schoolhouse Press and a bunch of other craft related websites. Patience was never my forte and I didn't want to wait more than a month to get my copy.

Marina also asked about the yarn used for the Blue Shimmer hats. The hat on the left was knitted with Bohus Stickning yarn, most likely from one of the Solsilke kits, the one on the right with yarn from Kimmet Croft Fibers.


Thanks for getting that information, Francesca. It's very helpful to see those items side by side. I'm not surprised by the difference in colour but there seems to be also be a difference in yarn weight. The Kimmet Croft yarn seems to be heavier.

No matter how long you have to wait for your copy, I think it'll be worth the wait. This is one of the most marvellous knitting books it has ever been my pleasure to own. The combination of social history with covetable patterns is superb.

Beautiful. Have to get that book.

What beautiful pictures! I have Poems in Color but I have not gotten up the courage yet to try one of the sweaters. They are so beautiful aren't they?

I'm sure you will be really glad you ordered this book - it's a great one. I bought it to read and ogle the color combos - it's a very good read. Too bad these type of classic, older books take so long to get - esp. when one needs them "now" :)