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Hand Knitting Techniques

  If you liked Clear & Simple Knitting Symbols, you may enjoy another book from the same publisher — Hand Knitting Techniques Book.

新 棒針あみ―よくわかるセーター作りの基礎
Hand Knitting Techniques Book
Paperback, 82 pages
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4529029271
ISBN-13: 9784529029278

More info at LibraryThing.

While the previous book covered individual knitting stitches, this one explains various techniques such as a casting on and off, working with DPNs, short rows, intarsia, cables, selvedges, shaping, grafting, and finishing. The book starts off with a spread illustrating the necessary tools then the rest is all about the techniques, illustrated in the same style and with the same clarity of the other books in the series.


That book is really great! I love those clear instructions.

I also wanted to tell you that your stole came out beautifully and the white scarf is breathtakingingly fine.

Thanks so much for having me over!

That book looks awesome. I am about to order from Amazon jp and I just added it to the shopping cart. Thanks so much.

The pictures look very clear and informative. How much of the Japanese do you understand? I remember a picture of a cat helping you with your kanji studies, so I assume you study the language. I'm myself a first year student, so I'm still struggling with all the most basic kanjis, and I'm miles from starting to study kanjis belonging to a specialized field.

I want to learn to read Japanese knitting patterns. Is there a very beginners book I can buy. I have purchased several books but I am still in the dark.
Mona Beavers
Dallas, Tx

I am looking for a book on how to read Japanese knitting charts. I need a book that is very elementry. Maybe one you would give some child with little training. I have several books but they are over my head.
Mona Beavers


I studied Japanese by myself for a while and never got to the point of being able to read my Japanese knitting books. If it's just a translation of Japanese knitting terms that you are looking for, this website should help you:


Good luck!