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Japanese knitting symbols

  The beauty of Japanese knitting symbols is that they are standardized across publications according to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards Association) so this is really a useful reference if you are trying to decipher a Japanese pattern (thanks Yukie for pointing this out). And don't forget that ABCs of Knitting has a wealth of information for both Japanese and English speaking knitters trying to understand each other's ways of charting knitting patterns.

Clear and Simple Knitting Symbols
74 pages
Published 1993
ISBN 452902413X / 9784529024136

The book covers 120 knitting symbols. This is a lot more than we are used to seeing in English knitting books. We are talking symbols, not actual patterns, and I think this is beacause Japanese knitting books don't give text-only instructions like some western books do, so more symbols are needed to avoid lengthy descriptions. Once you have a way to read the symbols, this really makes better sense.


Is there a reason that the Japanese swatches are triangles?

I love your blog and check it every day.. sometimes more than once a day. I have some of the books that you've written about and my goal is to be able to knit several of the garments. Currently I'm working on a Habu jacket. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts.

Love your knitting, and the books are fascinating, but your a little wacked, in the very best way, but wacked. Love you and your blog! Trish

Un'italiana che vive in California ed è appassionata di maglia e libri giapponesi... non hai idea di quanto possa piacermi il tuo blog!!!
Io vivo a Roma, ma amo tanto viaggiare, sono stata in molti diversi paesi e diverse volte in Giappone, e poi ho studiato giapponese all'università di Roma; da qualche tempo ho ripreso a sferruzzare e per cercare nuova ispirazione ho anche aperto un blog a tema!
I tuoi libri di "Japanese Knitting" sono semplicemente favolosi!!!
...mi fai venir voglia di correre da Kinokuniya (a Tokyo!) a comprarli!
Credo che tornerò spesso a leggerti e ad esplorare meglio la tua originale biblioteca...! :)

Your blog is simply wonderful. I love Northern CA, but you certainly make the southland seem appealing!

I have a question for you, about the Japanese book on Nordic knitting. The page about the Estonian spiral stitch intrigued me, but I can't understand it. It seemed like some of the English instructions (on the 3rd step) were missing. Would the book explain it better, if I bought it? Or are some of the instructions missing?

Your blog is wonderful. I have always been keen on Japanese knitting and have been knitting few cardigans. I am interested on the book that you mentioned "Clear & Simple knitting Symbols" Where can I buy this book and will the symbols really help if I have the pattern. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

Chanbee, check my older post for information and tips on where to buy Japanese books.

I hope you find the book you are looking for.