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Day off + goodies

  Since I didn't take any time off during the weekend and had another frustrating day yesterday (after the heating broke twice last week, yesterday it was my car's turn… again), I awarded myself a day off during the week. That's right, I took Tuesday off and felt like raspberrying everyone as I was driving down the freeway on my way to Costa Mesa. That didn't last long, the raspberry part I mean. As soon as I got to the 5, I got stuck in a gigantic traffic jam and I'll spare you the whole story, but it took me more than two hours to get down there. And by the way, it was bloody hot and the AC died a couple of years ago and who wants to put money in a 15 year-old car?

So, by the time I made it to Purl Soho, I was in serious need of gratification.

More Habu 2-ply cashmere, just because. I think I'll try my hand at Fair Isle gloves with it; if not, I'll just fondle it late at night while sipping some Bailey's.

A hank of Jade Sapphire 2-ply Mongolian cashmere in Silver Pearl color, because it's slightly thicker than the Habu 2-ply and I want to try it. Jennifer, always extremely nice, offered to unwind the hank into a ball for me.

Some double pointed needles in size #0 (2.0mm) and #1 (2.25mm).

After that, the usual visit to Kinokuniya, which was actually the main reason for the trip since I wanted t pick up a book I had ordered a few weeks ago. That particular book — Fair Isle Knitting — turned out to be a disappointment (will I ever EVER learn not to buy books without seeing them first?), but I also picked up a booklet on Japanese knitting symbols and one on knitting techniques that I think will be very useful references. The Notations book I had also ordered could not be found, as it's been out of print for several years.

My last stop was at Sanseido Bookstore inside Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket. Sanseido is only a few minutes drive from Kinokuniya and I had never been there. As it turns out, they also have a very good craft section and I found a book I'd been after for a long time: Tiny Garden. In this case, I had been afraid of ordering it sight unseen and guess what? I love, love, love the book! I'll put up pictures of several spreads tomorrow. The other book is Monogrammatic Embroidery by Calligraphy, a complete surprise since I hadn't seen the cover anywhere.

Stay tuned for book pictures.


everytime i go to my kunikyamo.. ok, ok... kinokuniya, i mean to order that tiny garden book, because i can just tell it will be great... i am looking forward to your posts. i gasped just seeing the cover... i am so excited for you!!

I'm curious about the Fair Isle Knitting book since I was thinking about buying it. Why didn't you like it?

Oh... do tell about your treasures. I second Kyra's comment about wondering what you didn't like about the Fair Isle Knitting book. How depressing it must have been. The cover is lovely.

I am so jealous of going to to Purl Soho to shop. The last time I was in NYC I tried to find the store there, and got lost and ended up at Purl Hardware. It was so depressing but after what seemed like walking for miles I gave up in defeat of finding the store. Since we had also gotten lost finding Habu.

I have one word for you Francesca.. no two..

Gorgeous things there.