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  While grocery shopping at Trader Joe's today, I found a fruit I'd never seen before: the rambutan.

So colorful and exhuberant… I had to take some home.

My rambutans came from Honduras, but the fruit is originally from the Malay archipelago, at least according to Wikipedia and a few other websites I checked. Rambutans are related to lychees, but their skin is thicker and their seeds slightly smaller, so they have a little more flesh. Inside, they look translucent and milky, just like lychees, but I like them better because they have a little bit of tartness to them.


Back in Singapore, we had 3 rambutan trees! During the fruiting season, we would just climb up the tree, find a comfortable perch and eat them till we were sick.

those are beautiful... i wonder if the hull will keep it's color... and, if my traders joe's has any.

I'll let you know if they keep the color. About Trader Joe's, I know that they stock certain products by region, i.e. you'll find some things only on the East Coast or only on the West Coast. In addition to that, individual stores can use discretion in what they carry. I hope you find them.

Smaller seed sounds just great. I love lychees but they are really hard to peel and sometimes the seeds are so big! Will try Rambutans next time, they look very promising.
Beautifully captured, such a vivid photo, Francesca!

oof, that's some gorgeous looking fruit there ;)

Oh, what a beautiful fruit! I wonder what they taste like, they look so juicy. I'll have to keep my eyes open for some of those.

My mouth is watering. Once upon a time I worked within walking distance of a sueprmarket with a vast array of fruit and I used to keep lychees by my desk as a snack. Rambutan sound lovelier still.

hummmm! ils ont l'air délicieux!
(et tes petites chaussettes sont ravissantes ;))

They look like little pearl onions in fun fur coats.

I'm so glad that you posted pictures, including of the fruit cut open. I wasn't sure if they were fruit or flowers because they are so beautiful. I'll definately be checking my local TJ's out tomorrow.

I love your description of colorful and exhuberant. I couldn't agree more. I've never seen nor heard. I'll have to check at my Wegmans store and see if they have it.

Thanks for sharing.

Aren't rambutans great? I think they are the most interesting looking fruit I have ever seen, and really tasty. I have never seen them in the US before. That's amazing that you found them!

I have been able to try them lately... much easier to peel, delicious but I thought they could be a bit less sweet/have a hint of sour note...
Greetings from Japan!