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  I really don't care for Halloween. Maybe it's just that I didn't grow up with it, but I don't get it. I love Christmas, I get Thanksgiving, but Halloween just doesn't do it for me. The closest thing we have in Italy is carnevale, but apart from kids getting dressed up in costumes, it's an entirely different feeling. None of that scary, spooky, horror aspect, at least when I was a kid. Carnevale was just a day to pretend you were someone else, eat homemade castagnole and sfrappe (deep fried sweets), and have a little license from seriousness.

This is me on such a day in a ladybug outfit made by my grandmother. I so wish the photo was in color. I still remember this costume.

That was the ordinary carnevale. Then there's the special events as il carnevale di Venezia or di Viareggio where whole towns celebrate and have to be partially closed off to traffic for parades of big floats — à la Rose Parade.

Ah, memory lane… I must be getting old.


I'm so with you on Halloween, and I grew up here! I like the idea of dressing up (although I never do), but the rest of it, eh. I usually just end up eating too much sugary candy and feeling sick.

i am not a halloween fan either, never ever liked dressing up. i much prefer christmas, maybe because it is a whole season long???

Halloween doesn't really do much for me either. But that picture of you is so, so cute!

Sorry it's not your day. I love it--the whole thing about dressing up and living out your fantasy did it for me. I always was something frothy like a fairy princess or ballerina. It has in the past several years morphed more into a scary event--blame Hollywood. Your ladybug is very cute.


Growing up in Singapore, everything is so weird here! But for the kids, I do it all. Have to go & check what they came home with. It's the first time we've had chocolate in the house for months ;-)

I'm not a Halloween lover myself, although I had a stage of my friends and I "trick or drinking". Shot glasses instead of a candy bag - walking not driving and just to friends houses - strange but true.

Thanks for sharing the too cute for words picture of you in your ladybug persona. Lucky you with your Grandma and memories.

That is such a cute picture!