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A disappointing book

  I suppose I can only blame myself for buying a book sight unseen, but I couldn't find any image of inside spreads anywhere and the cover is so beautiful and inspiring.

Well, that's about the only beautiful thing in the whole book. I can't remember the last time I was so utterly disappointed in a book. As soon as I opened it, my jaw dropped. All, yes *all* the images inside the book are black & white. But that's not all: they are all terrible quality. These photos were probably taken decades ago and my guess is that either the negatives were not preserved properly or these are actually photos of old photos. I don't know; it's just awful. There wasn't much point in scanning a lot of pages. The three pages below are representative of the image quality of the rest of the book.

The Constance Howard Book of Stitches
ISBN 0-7134-8938-3


oh, i would have felt EXACTLY the same way... i found a second hand book with similar photos but it was cheap so i got it, but still am disappointed everytime i try to puzzle out just what that stitch looks like... can you return it?

oh wow it has such a lovely cover and looks so terrible on the inside. what a terrible waste of a book. i really do appreciate beautiful photography in books.

That is just AWFUL. Is it by any chance a reprint of a much older book? I got caught that way before, and only then realised how much we have come to expect good clear bright colour illustrations.

I think Jo is right, a reprint of an old book and from the days when repro was not of the best quality. So annoying, especially when the cover is so alluring.