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Small Embroidery

  I found this little gem at Kinokuniya, in Little Tokyo.

It's a book on embroidery, entirely in Japanese with — surprisingly — Danish titles. At least I think it's Danish, after a quick Google search for some of the words. The embroideries are exquisite and come with instructions.

(Small embroidery)
128 pages
ISBN 4-14-031141-X

I really need to get back into studying Japanese as half the books I am interested in are in Japanese.


ooh, what an interesting book! I read Danish so maybe I could look at it and let you know if it's actually Danish. The embroider is very similar to stumpwork but with a little different flavor. Very beautiful book.

Francesca, those are delightful. They look almost three-dimensional. You study Japanese? I'm really impressed!


What a delighful book! I love the fox smelling the flower - I usually only think of foxes being slightly dangerous - but this one looks rather cute.

how exquisite: it looks as if the creatures are real and could dance off the pages.

very beautiful book!!!!

Those are the most charming little companions one could ask for. There is nothing more timeless than a book that captures your imagination, and that book certainly does it for me.

Thanks for sharing your treasures.

be still my heart! what a beautiful book. :)

Great book. I need to visit that store sometime as you get such lovely things from there!

Seeing your plea on Jo's site and hating hot weather I am sending cool thoughts your way. Sadly the hurricane is sending un-seasonal warm weather our way. I love Japanese books ..my goodness they really excel in crafts. Cool wishes ( not in an emotional sense!).

That sheep is too cute, but then so is the fox and ladybug and ... So tempting but I'm not allowing myself to buy anything else unless I begin something right away!

What a delightful book......... definitely have to get this one too. My favourite is the donkey (aesel)
Thanks for the book reviews filled with photos. A visit to Kinokunya coming up this weekend I think.
BTW...... the title of each embroidery is in Danish.