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Deer spotting

  This morning started off a little slow, perhaps because of the overcast sky and cooler temperatures. Finally!

As I walked outside to put away the trash cans, I saw one of my neighbors taking pictures. A doe and her fawn were grazing in another neighbor's yard, just across the street. This is the first time we've seen deer on our street and I am delighted. I see them often when I walk; just going a street or two up from us makes a big difference; I am not sure why. Seeing the deer was a great way to start the day. I know they upset gardeners, but I can't help being happy to see them.


Lovely! Seeing deer around here also makes me happy. A great way to start the day ;-)

Lucky you, what an exciting sight. I saw a hedgehog last night but that isn't in the same league. Don't know whether you've heard that England has seen a sudden upsurge in spider numbers following this summer's unusual weather pattern? I treated myself to a new set of work clothes today and in one store I lifted a very smart skirt off the rail, then noticed a very large spider scuttling over it. Good job I'm not afraid of the! Didn't buy the skirt, though, way too expensive...

I'm always happy to see the deer anywhere but standing in the road in front of my car. LOL I am always charmed by nature it would have been a calming way to start the day. Your pictures are awesome.

que c'est joli de pouvoir admirer la nature d'aussi prés. tu en a de la chance!