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Embroideries on linen

  Linen is big in Japanese craft books right now and I am really happy about it. In Italy linen is everywhere, especially in summer; not so much here. This book shows a variety of embroidery projects mostly on linen (from what I can tell). I particularly like the tsutsumu (wrapping), a square with loops on three corners and a string on the fourth that is used to close up the square as a little bundle: simple and clever. I also like the deliberately irregular stitches that give the embroideries a naive feel. The embroideries are in red, navy blue and white; the cloth is either natural (unbleached), white, blue or red.

ISBN 4-579-11088-9


  • fagel
  • pincushion
  • canvas bag/card case
  • fuwafuwa bag
  • aka+shirt
  • ao+shirt
  • dishcloth
  • table center
  • tsutsumu
  • hana bag
  • mitten
  • muffler
  • utsuwa
  • igokochi cushion
  • tablecloth
  • mori bag
  • necklace
  • hagihagi coaster
  • tea mat
  • handkerchief
  • handkerchief
  • wool cap
  • wool bag
  • double luncheon mat
  • tori bag
  • bookmarker
  • wanko
  • apron
  • how to make


Tsutsumu: how to make