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Sunday trip

  This afternoon Theresa saved me from yet another day at the computer. We drove together to Stick and Stone Fiber Arts, where I hadn't been in a while. It was a pleasant afternoon of knitting and chatting and looking at the new arrivals.

I took a lot of pictures, but quite a few turned out blurry. I really need to get myself a tripod.

Lots and lots of fiber. I especially like the luxury fibers in natural colors.

There was yak down, a favorite of mine, in moka and cream (I am sure they're called differently, but you get the idea).

Others were: Mongolian cashmere, merino blends, many shades of alpaca and baby alpaca. Lots of colored fiber, too, but those are the pictures that came out blurry.

More wheels than I remember from my previous visits, plus weaving and tapestry looms,

New this time, an enormous selection of cotton cones for weavers. This picture is only a small part of what was in the store. Theresa, being the creative experimental person that she is, bought a big bundle of cotton in very bright green that she's going to ply with other fibers. I am curious to see what she comes up with.

And this is a bag made by Janel with different kinds of fibers, including a rayon that seems very suitable for kumihimo and cording. Theresa got some of that, too, for another plying experiment.

She also lusted after this drum carder, but behaved herself… for now.


OMG! That must be where spinners & weavers go when they retire!

I'm amazed that it looks so neat & tidy.

such beautiful stuff, I can't wait till Rhinebeck! sigh....

As a knitter who only dreams of some day having the knowledge time and room to learn to spin and all things that go with it, please allow me to say "OMG that stuff is beautiful."

Ciao Francesca!
I've just discovered your lovely blog!
I'm a French in LA!
Best, Laurence