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Spoiled again

  Latest package from Japan! My SP sent it before leaving for Stitches Midwest.

A Monokuro Boo pencil case and stickers to go with some of my favorite folders. I may end up using the pencil case for knitting notions; haven't made up my mind yet.

A cute postcard with a sento scene.

Six plastic folders in three designs. I especially like the Halloween maneki-neko. The hiragana folders will be good to remind me of some kana. It's scary how much I have forgotten since I used to study Japanese.

Rubber stamps! I dont' have any rubber stamps and I'd been meaning to get some. The stamp with the dog is really funny and the two lipstick-shaped ones have built-in ink so I could try them right away.

Are they adorable or what?

Two notebooks with ready-to-cut custom bookmarks.

And — I can hardly believe it — my SP told me to expect a 4th package! :)



It all looks like such fun!

Aww, too cute! Hope you get some ink soon!

What a great package!

You are in kitsch Japanese heaven.
I found your site whilst looking for some type of Japanese masking tape printed with bunnies or something equally fabulous. I love the stamps!