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Simple Zakka

  I received this book yesterday, among many other things, from my secret pal in Japan.

Simple zakka and bag of felt wool
Publisher Ondori
ISBN 4-277-43072-4

I have to make these little glass holders. I have two glasses just like these, maybe slightly taller, that I bought a long time ago for Irish coffee. Now I use them for ice cream and the little dress would be nice.

I have to make these coasters, too.

And these little bottle covers. But how do you put them on and take them off, I wonder?

And I certainly have to make these espresso cup holders and saucers, trompe l'oeil little spoons included.

Who would have thought of a felted paperweight? It reminds me of the felted soap my friend Andrea made for Christmas.

This bag will have to wait until Bush is no longer in office.

I am perplexed about the letters; I'll have to check the dictionary to see the Japanese names for these nuts.

Other projects in the book: more bags, baby shoes, pot holders, photo case, tea mat, pouch, circular boxes, bookmark, tray, pen case, flower vase cover, room shoes.

Aside from the title and names of the projects, the book is entirely in Japanese, but the step-by-step instructions have clear photographs and illustrations and if you've felted before, you shouldn't have any problem.


Gentile signora, vorrei che mi formulasse un'offerta per un puntaspilli.
La ringrazio e resto in attesa.

Lucia, mi vuoi far lavorare? Sono due settimane che non faccio neanche la maglia! PerĂ² i puntaspilli sono carini, eh? Ti mando le istruzioni via email; how about that?

Hi Francesca,

I'm glad you got the package--I laughed out loud when I saw your comment about waiting until Bush is out of office before making that bag--I couldn't agree more!

I'm not sure why those nuts have those particular letters--peanuts are peanuts, in katakana, and walnuts are "kurumi." Not sure about hazelnuts, but I'm guessing katakana there too...hmm.

Zora needs a pair of those adorable shoes!

Hi there!
I live in the UK and have been trying to get a copy of this book which I noticed on your blog - 'Handmade Felt (My Felted Bags) ISBN 4-579-10891-4'. Do you know where I can buy it - anywhere in the world?!
Love your site.
All the best,

Anna -- I just got a copy of this book at the Kinokuniya bookstore in New York. You may be able to mail order it from their website.