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Secret Pal package

私の シクレツパルは 日本に住んでいます.
(katakana spelling いいですか?)

My secret pal sent me a package already! I didn't expect anything yet, so it was a wonderful surprise to open the mailbox and find this colorful envelope with an assortment of stamps and see that I had guessed right: my secret pal lives in Japan. More precisely, the envelope comes from Hokkaido, the northernmost of the main Japanese islands.

The top left corner of the envelope says: "Your SP in the Land of the Rising Sun".

Look at all the stuff!

I love the maneki neko card and the adorable pencil with spare mines. The other object is a white masking tape dispenser. And there are also a cute stationery set and cherry blossom stickers.

At first I thought these were fridge magnets, then realized that they are erasers! Three of them are also containers with an extra eraser inside shaped like noodles.

ありがとうございました secret pal! You made my day. :)



Hi Francesca!

I'm glad the package made it to you ok! You guessed well.

And really, if there are any Japanese things that you'd like that you can't find in the US, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll try to get them for you!

Take care,