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Stitch markers

Since I started color knitting, I've been using stitch markers to mark the beginning of new repeats in my pattern. I had never used them before so I experimented with different kinds.

Split rings are great if you need to insert them past the point, as you don't need to tink your way back. The disadvantage is that their pointy ends can get in the way while you are knitting and I find myself keeping my hands in an awkward position to avoid them.

The safety pin markers circumvent that problem because they can be secured just like a safety pin. The downside is that they are too bulky, especially for my small gauge knitting (US needle size 3 = 3.25mm).

The simple rings are the least intrusive for me, but the ones I have come in a combo package and there are only very few of the small ones. All of these models, though, suffer from the same problem: they slide too easily and it's very common for them to fall off the needle when I get to where they are inserted. Maybe I just need more practice, but I'd like to find something that either grabs the needle a little more or has a little pendant to make it easier to stay in place.

I looked around the Web and found that a lot of knitters are making their own stitch markers, as shown in this Stitch marker tutorial. Some of these markers seem too long to me and some knitters complain that they tend to catch the yarn. I guess that depends on how they are finished. I'd like to find something along the line of these little Hearts of glass. They don't have any loose hooks at the bottom so they shouldn't catch the yarn, but I am not sure what size they come in. I realize that small gauge needles are not the most popular. Maybe I should try to make my own, but who needs another hobby?

I just found out that Clover makes some soft (non-slid) ring stich markers, but I haven't seen them in stores yet. I am going to stop at Unravelled later today to see if they carry them. If not, I'll order some online to see how they work out.

  • to tink : to undo your knitting one stitch at a time, as opposed to frogging. ("tink" is "knit" spelled backwards).
  • to frog : to undo your knitting by ripping off the yarn rather enthusiastically, rows at a time, as opposed to tinking.


My favourite stitch markers are the closed jump rings you can get from JoAnn's or jewelry supply stores. I usually use a fancy hand/homemade one for the beginning of a row.

You might look for the Skacel brand of markers - they are rubber, come in one size and are small. I don't see many carrying them (online/stores) but they've worked well for me, esp lace knitting.