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More sweaters

In addition to a postcard from my secret pal in Japan, yesterday's mail brought More Sweaters, an out-of-print book I purchased on eBay. The cover is disappointingly beaten up, but the content exceeded my expectations. I had only seen pictures of a couple of sweaters and all I expected was the patterns. Instead, the book presents a lot of information on how to chart your own designs and shape your own garments.

More Sweaters: a riot of color, pattern, and form
by Lise Kolstad & Tone Takle
ISBN 0-934026-99-8

Page 11, About Supply and Method

The "design machine" is the authors' name for a charting technique that will get you designing new patterns even when you are lacking inspiration. I like that they are not treating design as an esoteric form of art for initiates.

Page 39, The Design Machine

It'll take some time to read throught the whole book, but I can tell already that it will become a favorite.


that looks excellent! it's the book elena mentioned, right? how are the patterns themselves? i definitely want to take a look at this book at some point. ;)

Great book! I'm going to see if I can find it. Looks like something I want/need in my library!