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My other Secret Pal

I've been thinking about my other SP8 pal trying to figure out what to get her. I just foud out that she prefers 2-3 small packages instead of a larger shipment at the end. She lives in the U.K. and told me something I didn't know: when shipping to the U.K. from outside Europe, the recipient incurs customs fees for anything exceeding a certain value, which kicks in at a very low level. That's crazy, but then, they drive on the left, don't they?

My pal is an accomplished experimental knitter who likes fall colors, er… autumn colours. I have a beautiful pencil roving in a soft mohair blend in just the right hues that I bought last year at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, a.k.a. Rhinebeck. I am going to spin it for her as both two-ply and singles, in case she wants to experiment with energized singles, à la Kathryn Alexander.

This is the fluff. I hope my handspun will do justice to the fiber.


I am positive that your gorgeous handspun will do justice to the fiber.

It looks lovely to me. Your SP is a very lucky woman.