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How to Peel Eggs

Peeling hardboiled eggs is a no-brainer, but there's a couple of tricks that will make it go faster.

What you need
— Hardboiled eggs (How to boil eggs)
— Cold water
— Ice cubes (optional)


  1. Put the eggs you've just taken out of the pot in a bowl with cold water (or reuse the pot). You can either use running cold water or add ice cubes. Cooling down the eggs quickly is not only going to speed things up for the dish you are preparing, but will also help prevent the yolks from turning greenish gray. I've read this somewhere, but honestly I've never had an egg turn that color.
  2. After 5-10 minutes, your eggs should be cold enough to peel. Take one egg and tap the wider end against a hard surface (kitchen counter, dish, cutting board…). It's easier to start from the larger end because it has a small air sac underneath. Then tap the rest of the shell gently to create cracks all over its surface.
  3. Put the egg back in the bowl with cold water so the water can start seeping through the crack and later facilitate peeling. Apply the same process to the other eggs until all the shells are lightly cracked.
  4. Now pick the first egg you cracked (you don't have to follow the exact sequence, but it helps if you pick an egg that has been back in the water a while after cracking). Keeping the egg under running cold water, start peeling from the bottom of the egg where the air bubble should have left you enough room to stick the tip of your thumb. By performing this operation under running water, things go much faster.

Make sure you get under the thin film that is between shell and egg.


I just found your blog today and wanted to say ciao! I am an American (from Indianapolis) living in Italy, in Romagna to be exact. I am about 15 mins from Ravenna (the largest town near ours is Lugo). Looking forward to reading more about your life in the fast line, oppsite of mine. I went from a fast life to the slow lane. hehehe!
ps. Your cats are so beautiful!

Well, what do you know… I grew up in Ravenna and Faenza. Where exactly are you in Romagna? I'll check your blog tomorrow; it's already past midnight here.
Buona notte!