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Happy socks

I've been working on a pair of socks with Regia Miniringel in a very cheerful color palette. I finished the first sock in two days (most of it on the plane back from London) and the second one has been languishing for weeks now because I've been distracted by my Fair Isle sweater that is sucking up all my free time. Not that I am complaining; now that I can keep one color in each hand, I love color knitting. It's actually more relaxing than knitting with one yarn and easier on my hands.

Regia Mini Ringel Color 5217.

Slowly, slowly, but it's growing. Cat hairs lurking here and there courtesy of Kelvin, the lap cat.

This is one of the steeks after I switched to alternating colors, as suggested by a couple of fair isle knitters.

Lap cat strikes again!

I also started spinning for my SP8 pal and I really want to prepare enough fiber for her so I can mail her my first package next Monday.