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Feminin Strik


Feminin strikk (Danish title: Feminin Strik)
by Lene Holme Samsøe
118 pages
ISBN-10 8204128428
ISBN-13 9788204128423
Language: Norwegian (Bokmål)
Original language: Danish

Bought from Nordic Fiber Arts

It's a small book with a total of 26 patterns — if I counted correctly) — mostly incorporating lace. Below are a few of my favorite ones. Of course you've all seen Rundstrikket jakke, as it's the one people have been raving about the most. I think there is also a KAL for it.

I like the transparency effect of "Plissé". I wonder about the name, as Hanne Falkenberg has a model called Plissé as well, and it looks nothing like this. Doesn't "plissé" mean "with pleats"? This one doesn't seem to have any, and from the photo it looks like it's constructed by alternating bands worked with different yarn weights or different stitches. If only I could read Norwegian…

In addition to these models, the book includes patterns for a simple shawl, a blanket, a scarf, a Fair-Isle long coat, an Aran sweater, a few vests and cardigans, a pullover, a handbag and a skirt.

You can see how knitters have knit some of these patterns in various blogs and on Ravelry.

The price for books originating in Denmark is rather steep; still, getting the Norwegian copy from Nordic Fiber Arts is more affordable than getting the Danish version from Lacis or directly from Europe.

I started looking at online Norwegian-English dictionaries and soon lost my resolve to ever learn enough to understand these instructions. For now, this book will be inspirational only. No immediate plans to knit from it.


You didn't take a picture of the Fair Isle for me?! Was that on purpose? Are you trying to break me of my addiction ;-)

Please ask if ever in need :)
You are very brave buying a book in Norwegian when English and Italian are your languages. It's a beautiful book.

You always get some cool books!
If you like Scandinavian patterns, there's lots of patterns on the garnstudio website. They also have a multilingual dictionary.

I adore that book! What are you goung to make first?

I suppose the online-translator isn't good enough, right? I tried with Finnish knitting patterns and I didn't get a thing from the translation. But just looking at the beautiful pictures is enough to lift one's mood. :D

ja, ja, ja! it's not so bad...get out your needles...a little help from me, ann up there, and a knitting word list and you will be good to go!

The Norwegian text for 'plissé' goes as follows: The cardigan is knitted in stripes using two totally different yarns -a thin kid mohair and a merino with lamé thread - the effect is that of a 'plissé' (pleated) surface.

Hope that helps. Love our blog - and your knitting!

Oh...... I so so so want to order that book for myself. Though I don't know if I am brave enough to even think about it.

Thanks so much for the photos!!!

It has some resemblance with these plissée skirts (or whatever they are called) that I remember: http://ak.cdiscount.com/pdt/7/7/8/1/d/311778.jpg

The hooded cardigan in this blue-green color is beautiful.

That plisse is really pretty and looks very tempting to knit. Thanks for book review.

just another norwegian reporting for translation service! ;-)