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Ene and me

We got off to a rocky start. I cast on twice, frogged three very long rows and then tinked two more. At the end of the weekend, I only had three rows finished, but it's all forgotten now and we are getting along very well. In fact, I am enjoying knitting Ene a lot more than I enjoyed working on Swallowtail. A big reason is probably that I happened to pick just the perfect yarn for it: Little Knits' Indie cashmere. It's pure butter that gives me the greatest pleasure as I knit along those neverending rows.

Fortunately, last night I got to the main pattern (chart 3) and things are easier already. In another couple of evenings I should be halfway through the shawl. Given the math of triangular shawls and that this one starts off from the sides, I'll be halfway done before I reach row 60 (out of 179).

I didn't swatch this time (hear hear), so I don't know how the yarn will behave after washing, but it sure is gorgeous now and I have a feeling that this shawl (why do they call it scarf?) will become an all-time favorite.


Oh, cashmere. Sooo dreammmy.

It looks like it's spun nicely and should hold up to a tough blocking session.

Someday I'll follow your lead and will knit a cashmere shawl!

It's lovely! I'm happy to hear that you got over the hump...it gives me hope that I may one day conquer this pattern. I've been eyeing that cashmere and as soon as you've blocked and given it the OK I'll be ordering some of it.

That looks SO soft! I have no idea why they call it a scarf- it's definitely a shawl!

That is dreamy yarn, indeed. You can almost feel how soft it is through the computer monitor!

you know I'm loving the "no swatch" - break free ! (: Thanks for the info on the indie cashmere...

Good to know that Little Knits yarn is a great one. I almost never swatch for lace project ... maybe that's why my Ene turns out small. Ene is a soothing project which would be finished before you realize ... the main pattern is a pleasure to knit and is very beautiful.

I've actually done that one! It was only my third lace and I had to email Nancy Bush for help :::roll eyes:::

Ooooh that cashmere looks so soft! Ene is looking beautiful, I'll have to add this to my queue!

Just lovely - and you of course persevered. I can't believe how fast you are on lace. I still haven't finished my second sock!
Still sighing over cashmere.

It's looking beautiful! You are officially past the nightmare part and it's all smooth sailing ahead. Enjoy!

Ooh, that looks so soft and gorgeous and altogether unputdowanable. And I love the sound of a project that's half done after working just one third of the rows!

L'ho fatto anch'io, ma non in cashmere, purtroppo. Bellissima tinta naturale. bacio